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Walnut Hard Money Lenders & Loans

Walnut Hard Money Lenders & Loans

North Coast Financial provide hard money loans (private money loans) in Walnut and throughout California and have over 37 years of hard money lending experience. North Coast Financial’s owner/broker has provided funding of over $800 million in California and hard money loans since 1981. Contact North Coast Financial now to inquire about a hard money loan in Walnut.

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Walnut Hard Money Loans

North Coast Financial offers various types of hard money loans in Walnut including distressed property loans, rehab loans / fix and flip loanscash out refinance loansowner occupied hard money loans, investment property loans, estate and trust loans, rental property loans, bridge loans, construction loans, hard money purchase loans, reverse mortgage refinance loans and other loans secured against real estate.

Property Types for Walnut Hard Money Loans

North Coast Financial provides residential hard money loans for multi-family residences and single family residences but are also able to provide commercial hard money loans for commercial, healthcare, hotels, industrial, office buildings, retail and special purpose property.

Hard Money Loans Funded by North Coast Financial in Los Angeles


Located in the eastern region of Los Angeles County, Walnut is a city located between the San Jose Hills to the north and the Puente Hills to the south. Walnut was incorporated as a city in 1959. The population of Walnut is currently estimated at 30,000. The city has been ranked in Money’s Best Places to Live in both 2009 and 2011.

Walnut, California

Walnut, California