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California Trust Deed Investing

Trust Deed Investing with North Coast Financial, Inc.

North Coast Financial (NCF) has a select group of trust deed investors who enjoy the benefits of trust deed investing through our company. NCF approves about one of every twenty loan requests that it receives. NCF is very selective and particular in the loan acquisition process because it believes that its trust deed investors are more concerned about the safety of their principal than the return on the investment when investing in trust deeds. With that being said, our trust deed investors currently receive yields in the 7.0% – 10.5% range, which is very attractive in the current market.

California Trust Deed Investing with North Coast Financial

North Coast Financial’s California trust deed investments are well secured based on the current value of the collateral rather than the projected value that might be created in the future. This more conservative approach for investing in trust deeds minimizes risks. The trust deed investor is able to analyze each specific investment opportunity in regard to its real estate collateral and yield. While NCF will always be available to provide the investor guidance and counseling on the trust deed investments, the ultimate decision is in the hands of the trust deed investor rather than a manager of a fund who might have conflicting interests in the investment decisions.

California Trust Deed Investments Available Throughout the State

Trust deed investment opportunities may be available in various counties and areas throughout California including San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Riverside, Sacramento, Ventura, San Bernardino, and Santa Barbara.

North Coast Financial Trust Deeds

With NCF trust deeds, the trust deed investor always knows exactly what investments they have. The real estate note investor’s name will be on the note and deed of trust and there is always a title policy to protect the trust deed investment. Once the investment is made, the loan will be serviced though our Bureau of Real Estate regulated trust account and the investor will receive monthly payments. The investments will be handled by professionals who have over 40 years of experience brokering and servicing trust deed loans in California.

Whether you are new to trust deed investments or a seasoned investor, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our trust deed program with you. More information about trust deed investing is available on our Trust Deed Investing FAQ page. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

Information from the California Bureau of Real Estate: Trust Deed Investments: What you should know

How to Get Started Investing in Trust Deeds with North Coast Financial

North Coast Financial prefers to reach out to individual trust deed investors directly as opposed to emailing a large list. It is necessary for North Coast Financial to understand each investor’s criteria and preferences.

Trust deed investors who have not previously worked with North Coast Financial are encouraged to download and complete the one-page questionnaire:

 DOWNLOAD: North Coast Financial Trust Deed Investor Questionnaire

Please download and then save as a PDF file. We recommend using Adobe Acrobat or another similar PDF program to complete the questionnaire, NOT a web browser.

Completed questionnaires can be emailed to or faxed to (800)-361-6272.