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    Private Money Lending for Residential Real Estate in California

    North Coast Financial is a direct California private money lender based in Southern California. Financing private money loans for residential real estate investors and property owners throughout California, North Coast Financial also funds commercial private money loans for a variety of commercial property types.

    One of the most experienced private money lending companies in California with over 40 years of private money lending experience and over $800 million in California private money mortgages funded, North Coast Financial allows real estate investors to capitalize on investment opportunities by providing fast, flexible and reliable private money loans.

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    What is a Private Money Loan?

    A private money loan is a loan secured against real estate with the source of funds coming from a private investor as opposed to an institutional lender. Private money is a faster and easier way to obtain financing compared to traditional lenders. Private money loans require much less documentation and have a much faster application process. Private money loans can be approved and funded within 3-5 days while traditional lenders can take 45 days or longer.

    Private mortgage lenders are individuals or companies that lend their funds to property owners with a note and deed of trust secured against the borrower’s real estate. Private money lenders for real estate typically require a higher down payment (or existing equity) than traditional lenders and have a higher interest rate. Private money lending is typically intended to be used for short-term financing (1-3 years).

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    Private Money Lenders for California Real Estate

    Private Money Lenders in California

    North Coast Financial provides private money loans in Southern California, Northern California and Central California. We fund throughout California and specialize in the areas of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Sacramento. Experienced private money lenders for real estate, North Coast Financial has the local real estate expertise and available capital to quickly fund private money loan requests throughout California. Call us for a quick quote with honest pricing and no surprise added junk fees.

    Private Money Loans for Various Scenarios

    Private money lenders are the go-to choice for experienced real estate investors in need of a quick and reliable source of funds to finance their residential and commercial real estate investments. North Coast Financial are private lenders for real estate projects including fix and flip loans, bridge loans, purchase loans, investment property loans, probate and estate loans, trust loans, cash out refinance loans , owner occupied private money loans, multifamily private money loans, private money 2nds and other private money loans in California secured by real estate.

    Private Money Lenders Interest Rates

    Private money lender interest rates are higher than interest rates available from a long-term conventional lender. Private lending rates will vary between different private lenders but expect rates anywhere between 8-12%. Private money lending rates will fluctuate based on the loan to value, the type of the loan being requested and the overall perceived risk involved.

    Private money loan rates in California are typically lower than other states in the country. The large of amount private lenders in California creates competition between lenders and results in lower rates for borrowers. California private lender rates can be 3-4% lower than interest rates in other states with fewer private money lending options.

    What is a Private Money Mortgage?

    A private money mortgage (private money loan) is similar to a conventional home mortgage most people are familiar with. A loan is provided to a borrower with residential real estate serving as the collateral for the loan. The main difference is that with private money mortgages the source of funds is from private investors (private money lenders) as opposed to banks and credit unions.

    Private money lenders for real estate are less concerned with credit scores and income history. They primarily focus on the value of the property as well as the amount of equity the borrower has in this property. The focus on value and equity provides a great deal of flexibility that allows for private money lenders to approve and fund loans very quickly. The fast approvals and funding is the main reason real estate investors utilize the services of private money lenders for their residential real estate financing.

    Private money lenders typically require a down payment of at least 25%. This down payment requirement is often higher than what is required from banks and credit unions but the trade off is that private money lenders have far fewer requirements for loan approval. They are also able to overlook poor credit or other issues on a borrower’s record such as foreclosures, bankruptcies and short sales.

    Private money lending is for short-term use only. Borrowers must have an exit strategy or two for the private money loan when they are applying for it. Terms of up to 3-4 years are generally available. Common exit strategies for private money loans include refinancing with a long-term conventional loan or selling the property.

    Private money lending companies have higher interest rates than traditional 30-year bank loans. Private money lender interest rates can range from 8-12% depending on the lender, borrower, specific property and loan to value being requested. While the private money loan interest rates are higher compared to bank loans, the flexible lending criteria and quick funding is worth the added expense, especially for real estate investors looking to take advantage of a limited-time opportunity. Because private money mortgages are only available for shorter terms, the interest expense often isn’t significant over the course of the entire investment.

    California private lenders typically change lower interest rates than private lenders in other states. There are many private money lenders in California and the increased competition pushes the interest rates down.

    How to Obtain a Private Money Loan from North Coast Financial

    Applying for a private money loan from North Coast Financial is quick and easy. The borrower simply needs to submit the private money loan application. Once North Coast Financial receives the application they will review and then notify the borrower whether or not their private money loan request has been approved. The approval process is often completed the same day the application is received.

    Once approved, North Coast Financial can fund the loan in as few as 3-5 days for investment property. Owner occupied loans typically take 2.5 weeks due to the current federal regulations that all lenders must comply with.

    Loan approval is primary based on the current value of the real estate being used as collateral and the borrower’s equity in the real estate. Current credit scores, bankruptcies, foreclosures, short sales, loan modifications and other issues on a private money borrower’s record are not major concerns for private money lenders as long as the borrower has a significant down payment or equity in the real estate.

    Once the private money loan is approved and ready to be funded, North Coast Financial gets to work quickly and works closely with the borrower throughout the entire financing process. North Coast Financial prepares all of the necessary disclosures and loan documents and answers all questions along the way.

    When escrow is ready for funds, North Coast Financial will have the funds wired to escrow so the deal can be closed.

    Private Money Home Equity Loans

    A private money home equity loan is a fast and convenient way for a homeowner to access funds by borrowing against the equity within their home. North Coast Financial is able to provide private money home equity loans for both business and consumer purpose. For consumer purpose private money loans, the homeowner will be required to prove their income as required by the current federal regulations. The homeowner will also need to remain below a debt to income ratio with the new private money loan.

    Private Money vs. Hard Money

    In the eyes of most lenders and borrowers, there is little to no difference between a private money loan and a hard money loan. In both cases, the source of the funds is a private investor outside of the conventional banking system and the loan is secured by residential or commercial real estate. Some may refer to “hard money lenders” as established companies that offer their lending services, while a private money lender may refer to an individual investor who is willing to loan their personal funds.

    Regardless of the distinction between the similar sources of funds, the process of creating the loan is generally the same. In both cases the loan needs to have the required disclosures, documents and go through the necessary processes to ensure the loan is closed properly. A private money loan originated by an experienced and licensed mortgage broker will ensure everything is done legally so all of the involved parties to the loan are protected.

    Contact North Coast Financial now for private money loans in Southern California, Northern California and Central California. We specialize in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Orange County, Newport Beach, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and Sacramento.

    North Coast Financial Private Money Loan Criteria

    • Private Money Loan Program

    Loan Application Approval Timeline Same day approval available
    Time to Fund Loan As few as 3-5 days if needed for investment property
    Property Types Single family, multi-family, commercial, industrial
    Loan Amounts $30,000 – $3 Million+
    Loan Terms 6 months to 3 years+
    Lien Position 1sts & 2nds
    Loan to Value (LTV) 1sts – Up to 75% of current value  2nds – Up to 65% CLTV
    Fees No appraisal fees (in most situations) and no hidden junk fees
    Private Money Loan Interest Rates, Points Please contact us for information on current rates and points