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Southern California Hard Money Lenders – Private Money Loans for Real Estate

North Coast Financial are Southern California hard money lenders (private money lenders) providing hard money loans to real estate investors and homeowners. Based in San Diego, California, North Coast Financial are direct hard money lenders able to provide fast approvals and funding for Southern California hard money loans. As a direct hard money lender, we are able to provide an immediate response to a real estate investor’s loan request. Loan approvals can be provided the same day the application is received and investment property loans can be funded within 5 business days.

The owner/broker of North Coast Financial has over 40 years of hard money lending experience in California and has funded more than $800 million in private hard money loans. Our professional customer service (read our reviews), expertise in the industry and competitive rates and fees have kept us in business through the ups and down of the real estate marketing spanning four decades.

Southern California Hard Money Loans offered by North Coast Financial

North Coast Financial provides various asset-based loans against residential and commercial property and are able to provide everything from consumer purpose owner occupied hard money loans to business purpose investment property loans.

A wide variety of hard money loans for real estate are available including Bridge Loans, Probate, Estate and Trust loans, Cash Out and Hard Money Refinance Loans, Investment Property Loans, Fix and Flip / Rehab Loans, Owner Occupied Hard Money Loans, Hard Money Purchase Loans and various other hard money loans for real estate.

Hard Money Loans Available Throughout Southern California

North Coast Financial fund Southern California hard money loans and specialize in the areas of San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Ventura, San Bernardino, Long Beach, Temecula, Rancho Cucamonga, Palm Springs, Pasadena, Irvine, Glendale, Santa Barbara and various other areas within Southern California. North Coast Financial also funds hard money loans in Northern California and Central California.

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Why Choose North Coast Financial?

Southern California Hard Money Loans Recently Funded by North Coast Financial

Southern California Hard Money Lending

Southern California is often one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. People from all over the country and world are drawn to Southern California for its weather, beaches and laid-back culture. The Southern California weather and lifestyle creates a high demand for real estate, especially in the coastal areas.

Real Estate Investing in Southern California

Knowing that there is a very high demand for Southern California real estate, many real estate investors choose to invest in the region. Competition during a mature and rising real estate market generally increases even further as many prospective real estate investors look at recent past returns and expect the trend to continue into the future.

Veteran Southern California real estate investors understand that prime real estate and opportunities must be secured quickly once identified. Investors need to act quickly with fast financing such as hard money loans. Conventional financing from a bank or credit union that may take 30+ days to fund may not be sufficient to get the property under contract and closed.

Many real estate investors depend on the services of an experienced Southern California hard money lender such as North Coast Financial.

Competing against Cash Offers with Hard Money Loans

In Southern California and other hot real estate markets, real estate investors offering all cash offers has become a common tactic. Sellers are more likely to accept all cash offers because they can close very fast and there is no worry that the buyer’s financing will not come through. Once the real estate investor has closed the sale with the cash offer they can simply do a cash out refinance and invest the funds elsewhere.

In a real estate market with many investors offering all cash, real estate investors without an all cash offer are under pressure to provide more attractive offers to sellers. An investor can consider an offer with a significant down payment (30%+)  with hard money financing and a 14 day escrow to attempt to compete with the all cash offer.

With so much competition, real estate investors in need of fast financing must work with a dependable lender such as North Coast Financial.

Southern California Hard Money Loans from North Coast Financial

  • Southern California Hard Money Loan Program

Loan Application Approval Timeline Same day approval available
Time to Fund Loan As few as 3-5 days if needed for investment property
Property Types Single family, multi-family, commercial, industrial
Loan Amounts $30,000 – $3 Million+
Loan Terms 6 months to 3 years+
Lien Position 1sts & 2nds
Loan to Value (LTV) 1sts – Up to 75% of current value  2nds – Up to 65% CLTV
Fees No appraisal fees (in most situations) and no hidden junk fees
Interest Rates, Points Please contact us for information on current rates and points