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Private Money Lending for Real Estate Investors and Property Owners

North Coast Financial are direct private money lenders based in California providing private money loans (private mortgage loans) for real estate investors and property owners in California. Private money loans are also available outside of California on a case by case basis through our network of private mortgage lender partners. Contact North Coast Financial now for a free consultation with a private money lender.

Private Money Loans for Various Private Money Loan Scenarios

Private money lenders are the go-to choice for experienced real estate investors in need of a quick and reliable sources of funds to finance their real estate investments. North Coast Financial are private lenders for real estate projects including fix and flip loans, bridge loans, hard money rehab loans, purchase loans, investment property loans, construction loans, inheritance loans, cash out refinance loans, rental property loans and refinance loans.

Private Money vs. Hard Money

In the eyes of most lenders and borrowers, there is little to no difference between a private money loan and a hard money loan. In both cases, the source of the funds is a private investor outside of the conventional banking system and the loan is secured by real estate. Some may refer to “hard money lenders” as established companies that offer their lending services, while a private money lender may refer to an individual investor who is willing to loan their personal funds.

Regardless of the distinction between the similar sources of funds, the process of creating the loan is generally the same. In both cases the loan needs to have the required disclosures, documents and go through the necessary processes to ensure the loan is closed properly. A private money loan originated by an experienced and licensed mortgage broker will ensure everything is done legally so all of the involved parties to the loan are protected.

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North Coast Financial Private Money Loan Criteria

  • Private Money Loan Program

Loan Application Approval TimelineSame day approval available
Time to Fund LoanAs few as 3-5 days if needed
Property TypesSingle family, multi-family, commercial, industrial
Loan Amounts$30,000 – $3 Million+
Loan Terms6 months to 3 years+
Lien Position1sts & 2nds
Loan to Value (LTV)Up to 75% of current value of property
FeesNo appraisal fees (in most situations) and no hidden junk fees
Private Money Loan Interest Rates, PointsPlease contact us for information on current rates and points
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